10 January 2021 / Yacht

The Super yacht – A home away from home

In this new era with a world-wide pandemic going on, a lot of super yacht owners have chosen to move away with their entire family and friends from locked down cities, regions or whole countries. The yacht is a perfect safe haven, far away from the spread of virus. Yacht brokers and charter companies have seen an increased demand and request for super yachts during the pandemic.


New possibilities for super yacht expeditions

With modern technology, online work and education can be done in a safe and easy way from any location in the world. Many yachts have had the systems in place for a long time. However, it has never been used in such an extensive way as today. After several weeks of use people have now realized that this new way of working and studying online have opened up a broad range of possibilities. Families have understood that they can actually be away from “home” and still be part of the world. In the future this might encourage more yacht owners to go on longer expeditions.

Challenges that have occurred for the owners isolated on their yacht result in that it becomes very difficult to dock, refuel and restock food and water, medical supplies etc. Many countries are on full lock-down and have refused the yachts to tender their ports. If medical aid is needed this can also be a problem.


Self-sufficient super yachts

Many yachts are designed for long range travel, unfortunately provision stores are not matching the fuel ratio on many yachts, they are dependent on constant supply of food. There has been a demand to increase food storage facilities onboard. The tender toy garage has temporarily been refitted to provision room.

The new generation of super yachts we most probably will see contain larger provision stores and medical facilities onboard. This will likely impact the space for toys and tenders, that will have to be reduced. We are looking at around 100 days of Self-sufficiency for fuel and provision.


Luxury yachts and sustainability

Sustainability is also a factor that will come in to play, if fuel will be become hard to get hold of. Alternative energy sources are needed, sails, wind turbines, solar panels, hydrogen. Most yachts are not moving that much. 75-90% of the time they are at anchor or at the dock. An energy system onboard that can handle the hotel load only without adding fueled generator power would be very attractive.

Waste handling systems also need to be overseen as all the waste is handled onboard, no black water can be pumped overboard if in port or protected coastal waters.


Long range yacht travel requires more onboard features

From an interior point of view, we are looking at more day to day needs when you spend a lot of time onboard. How and where can children get education in a good way? Gym facilities to keep in shape, entertainment onboard, cinema, playroom, relaxed quit areas. Food concept. Design may reflect more of a home and less of a “party, relax” focus that many yachts have today.

Being onboard for months at a time compared to normally a week or two will change the requirements and needed areas onboard a lot.

The Corona effect will certainly have a huge impact on the yacht design for the future. Prioritization will be on better communication systems, self-sufficiency and more sustainable energy systems. Waste handling, provision stores, medical facilities and medical equipment will be high on the specification sheets from the owner’s side.


More online presence for the super yacht industry

What we can already see is that a number of new and positive things has happened. The online forums and Youtube bloggers are much more active, providing much more content and with higher quality. A number of different web seminaries have started, sharing knowledge and info about the yacht business. Information is shared globally in a very easy way. Yard and client meetings are now done with video conference instead of in person meetings. Even a ship delivery has been done online. This online switch has highlighted that travel can be reduced a lot in the future saving time and money for everyone, and business can be done in a more sustainable way.


A glimpse into the future for luxury yacht travel

Looking ahead we see a rather quick comeback and possibly growth in the Yacht market. The small yards and private clients will come back much faster compared to the other marine sectors like Offshore and Cruise. These sectors have been hit much harder and will have a much longer recovery time before things are back to normal. There will be a lot of opportunities available for owners when yard’s have potential free slots due to cancelations or delays of other commercial projects.

There are a number of interesting new projects on the drawing board at the moment waiting to be realized. The future looks bright and we are very excited to be part of it.

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