20 September 2021 / Yacht

Explorer Yacht Mimer – A combination between function and beauty

Designed to offer the ultimate expedition experience. TDoS’s new explorer yacht Mimer is set up and ready to take owners and guests on new adventures with its warm and cozy interior.

For the environmentally conscious traveler

Mimer, a name taken from Norse mythology, represents knowledge and wisdom. Mimer with its distinctive design is sculpted with a Scandinavian approach focusing on function and elegance. The interior is light and airy, featuring a combination of natural materials in subtle hues of colors. All items on board have been carefully chosen to maintain an Earth-friendly and high-end approach with exquisite quality. With sustainability in mind. Simple lines and spacious rooms with large panoramic windows create an outdoor-indoor experience for the guests. Light is key throughout the yacht and generous openings are divided into cozy areas optimized for relaxation. Mimer combines practicality, comfort and guest experience in one. She is the perfect choice for the adventurous and environmentally conscious traveler who wants to sail the globe while enjoying the epitome of luxury.

“We challenged ourselves to design an explorer yacht that would meet the most demanding requirements in Antarctica as well as looking beautiful in the port of Miami or Monaco. Function combined with beauty,” says TDoS Partner & Yacht Director Daniel Nerhagen.

Features onboard Explorer Yacht Mimer

Large functional storage spaces for all sorts of explorer equipment and tenders are included. To be able to explore the world in the best ways, the 60 m explorer is offered in three variations. The world traveler offers an additional Marina/Beach lounge on the main deck, which provides more guest space.

If additional storage space is the requirement, the Adventure explorer set-up is the best option. The Marina/Beach lounge is removed and replaced with a large open, versatile, multipurpose storage area, protected under the helipad deck. The third option is with a fully enclosed helicopter hangar.

With sustainability in mind, a hybrid propulsion system, potentially combining battery fuel cells, will lower the environmental impact throughout the lifetime of the yacht. All onboard support systems, like waste handling, water treatment, etc., are also selected to meet the latest and highest requirements regarding low energy consumption and the best possible sustainability solutions available today.