240613 / Cruise

Tillberg Design of Sweden unveals the latest layout and spatial designs in the Sun Princess, Princess Cruises' largest and most innovative project ever.

240426 / 新闻发布

Tillberg Design of Sweden celebrates the conclusion of the seven-year Sun Princess project with a look at how its skills translate to the superyacht sector

240319 / 新闻发布

Tillberg Design of Sweden appoints Martin Butler as Creative Director

240304 / Cruise

Tillberg Design of Sweden would like to wish Sun Princess a safe journey on the seven seas!

231212 / Cruise

EWE Cruises, Deltamarin and Tillberg Design of Sweden receive AIP from DNV for a new expedition vessel project

231115 / Cruise

TDoS has been chosen as a finalist in the Cruise Ship Interiors Awards 2023!

230815 / Cruise

TDoS – a finalist in Seatrade's "Sustainability Initiative of the Year"

230711 / 新闻发布

The power of experience: how Tillberg Design of Sweden draws on 60 years of history to bring dreams to reality

230616 / 新闻发布

A New Design and Bespoke Menu Sets the Scene for an Exceptional Wellness Experience at Sea

230530 / Cruise

Sustainable Maritime Interiors

230515 / Cruise


221221 / 未分类

It was an exciting year here at TDoS!

221202 / 荣誉

TDoS are proud winners of two CSIE Awards!

221028 / 荣誉

We are happy CSI Award finalists!

221024 / Cruise

Four Seasons is launching a luxury yacht experience in 2025, with Tillberg Design of Sweden at the helm of the design development

221012 / Cruise

Launch of Evrima

220929 / 新闻发布

Tillberg Design of Sweden to Provide Design for Four Seasons’ Luxury Yacht Experience

220916 / Cruise

TDoS are coordinating architects for Princess Cruises' Project Sphere

220708 / 未分类

What makes good ship design - Interview with Helena Sawelin

220619 / 新闻发布

Viken Group acquires the Italian Yacht Design and Architecture Studio Hot Lab

220607 / 事业

TDoS is hiring!

220607 / Cruise

Attending CSIE?

220519 / Cruise

TDoS has signed with KTK Marine

220506 / Cruise

Tillberg Design of Sweden and SDARI Collaborate on 134m RoPax Ferries Concept

220428 / Cruise

Transcend Cruises Unveiled at Seatrade Cruise Global Conference

220425 / Yacht

TDoS & Triton Submarines Unveil SHADOWLARK Pro for Tourism Industry

220425 / 未分类

Tillberg Design of Sweden forms Viken Group and acquires Thalia Marine

220421 / 新闻发布

See you at Seatrade?

220330 / Yacht

TDoS and Nobiskrug unveil 77 m Yacht concept, “Lycka”

220322 / 未分类

Sustainability Standards

220224 / 未分类

Scintilla - The 120m Sporty Superyacht

211027 / Yacht

TDoS World Voyager Scintilla – a true vision on the horizon wherever she sails

210920 / Yacht

Explorer Yacht Mimer - A combination between function and beauty

210810 / Yacht

Tillberg Design of Sweden and Winch Design are designing the world’s largest private residence superyacht, Somnio

210728 / 未分类

TDoS and Starboard Cruise Services contribute to Crystal Endeavor

210714 / 新闻发布

Perfection onboard megayacht Crystal Endeavor when combining expedition and luxury

210623 / 新闻发布

TDoS and Columbia blue launch ship design partnership

210603 / 未分类

New partners are joining TDoS

210519 / 新闻发布

TDoS Is sponsoring Ocean Sheroes

210519 / Yacht

Dagens Industri - TDoS

210308 / Cruise

TDoS at Seatrade virtual expedition cruise conference

210304 / Yacht

TDoS launches the Aegir 2.0, the sailing yacht with lowest possible environmental footprint.

210301 / 新闻发布

Celebrating a Design Legend – Robert Tillberg

210203 / 新闻发布

TDoS signs framework cooperation LOI with SDARI

210114 / 新闻发布

A letter from TDoS

210110 / Yacht

The Super yacht - A home away from home

201130 / 新闻发布

Iconic cultural expedition cruise pioneer reveals its Vega Class ships in a virtual tour video by designers Tillberg Design of Sweden

200922 / 未分类

Luxury Yachts in 2021 - Current Trends and the Future

200727 / 未分类

Tell It In Ten Interview with Yacht Director Daniel Nerhagen

200630 / 未分类

Behind the Scenes – Safety on All Levels

200626 / 未分类

Link to TDoS Webinar 4 “Behind the Scenes – Safety on All Levels”

200622 / 新闻发布

Collaboration – not Competition

200622 / 未分类

Link to TDoS Webinar 3 “Collaboration - not Competition”

200603 / 新闻发布

Staying Sane in a Sanitized World

200512 / 未分类

Link to TDoS Webinar 1 about "Health and Safety at Sea"

200508 / 新闻发布

Launch of TDoS Webinar – Health and Safety at sea

200426 / 未分类

A letter from TDoS

200401 / 新闻发布

TDoS behind inspiring Norwegian Spirit refit

200227 / 新闻发布

Tillberg Design of Sweden delivers design for Norwegian Encore

200218 / 新闻发布

Tillberg Design of Sweden delivers Luxury Perfected aboard Seven Seas Splendor

191110 / 新闻发布

MCS Grandiosa Christening

191018 / 新闻发布

Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collections first yacht will be named Evrima

191009 / 新闻发布

Tillberg Design of Sweden partners with Spencer Buley Group

190925 / 新闻发布

TDoS + The World, Residences at Sea

190826 / 新闻发布

TDoS new office in Poland

190705 / 新闻发布

TDoS has designed the World First Battery-Powered Cruise Ship

190620 / 新闻发布

Tillberg Design of Sweden launches a new visual identity

190517 / 荣誉

Another award for TDoS – Forbes Diamonds 2019

190514 / 事业

TDoS is looking for new signage designer to our team in Höganäs

190430 / 荣誉

TDoS shortlisted for The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2019

190415 / 事业

TDoS in Höganäs and Wroclaw are looking for new CAD designers

190325 / 事业

TDoS in Poland are looking for new IT support specialist

190311 / 新闻发布

Naming ceremony for cruise ship Beauty at Sea – MSC Bellissima

190214 / 新闻发布

New TUI Mein Schiff 2 setting course for discovery

190206 / 新闻发布

Serenity at Sea with design by TDoS

190204 / 新闻发布

Luxurious and modern elegance - The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

181122 / 荣誉

Congratulations TDoS to another Gazelle award!

181121 / 新闻发布

Tillberg Design of Sweden to recommence work on Titanic II

181116 / 事业

TDoS in Höganäs is looking for new talent

181017 / 新闻发布

A successful launch, The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection Splashdown Ceremony

180712 / 事业

TDoS in Poland is looking for new talent

180628 / 新闻发布

Keel laid for Regent Seven Seas Splendor – TDoS to perfect it!

180620 / 新闻发布

New partners boost Tillberg Design of Sweden’s world leading position

180612 / 新闻发布

MSC Seaview – another beautiful Condo-Style MSC Ship

180511 / 新闻发布

TDOS congratulates TUI Cruises to the all-new Mein Schiff 1

180421 / 新闻发布

Norwegian Bliss newbuild delivered

180103 / 未分类

Hotel Time Rako grand opening!

171130 / 未分类


170628 / 未分类

The Ritz-Carlton hits the seas with Tillberg Design of Sweden!

170603 / 未分类

MSC Meraviglia Delivered and Christened in June - Tillberg Design of Sweden congratulates!

170601 / 未分类

TDoS welcomes TUI Mein Schiff 6 – another great newbuild!

170509 / 未分类


170309 / 未分类


161128 / 荣誉

Congratulations! Gazelle award 2016

161118 / 未分类

Are You our new Design Assistant?

161117 / 未分类

TDoS to design Australias first new build

161111 / 未分类

TDoS congratulate NCL to 50 years on the Sea!

161031 / 未分类

TDoS Designs all of Hurtigrutens new Rolls Royce expedition ships

160907 / 未分类


160818 / 未分类