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The making of a yacht is an exciting challenge for our experienced design teams at TDoS. How do we interpret luxury in an ever-changing world? How do we solve the puzzle of integrating all necessary functions and extraordinary comfort in a restricted space? ”Our thorough know-how caters for new experiences regardless if you are looking for adventures exploring the world, or laid-back relax in safe ports.’ says Daniel Nerhagen, Yacht Director at TDoS. ’A yacht can be a comfy home-away-from-home, as well as where to play out and discover new experiences out on the oceans.’

TDoS has been one of the major players in cruising design, since the founder Robert Tillberg made the ocean liner and cruiser KUNGSHOLM a showcase of bespoke Scandinavian style in the sixties. Today TDoS can offer extensive material libraries and a worldwide network of suppliers. ‘We call them artists,’ Daniel Nerhagen explains, ’they provide us with advanced structural glazing and hand sewn silk tapestry on the same quality level as in luxurious sport cars. TDoS offer carefully studied lighting, meticulously craftsmanship in every detail infused with the very latest technology, all along with an array of warm and tactile materials like well crafted wood, supple leather, and linen textiles.’ Lightness and luminosity of spaces is a trademark of TDoS, all in all with a purposeful Scandinavian design that is firmly grounded in history, and with a future proof timelessness.


Yacht – added value

We will realise your dream.

  • We provide complete exterior design in combination with GA.
  • We have the extensive experience required to do full brand development.
  • Our specialized studios for cabins & suites, FF&E, bars & restaurants, pool & entertainment ensure in-depth knowledge for each part of the yacht.
  • Our in-house graphic & signage studio, with our talented graphic designers, can help with both decorative and wayfinding signage.
  • Our huge material libraries and worldwide supplier contacts ensure the very latest materials and the confidence to develop various bespoke products.
  • We work with sustainability guidance and implementation.
  • We always maintain the highest level of confidentiality.

Please contact Daniel Nerhagen, Yacht Director, for more information.

Creative Minds

Creativity is at the core of everything we do, from the sketch board to final delivery. We love good design and are deeply committed to it. Our teams work closely together regardless of job title, nurturing a philosophy without hierarchies, closed doors or glass ceilings. Today we are over a hundred creative minds in four countries, constantly looking for new talent.

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