1 March 2021 / Press release

Celebrating a Design Legend – Robert Tillberg

Celebrating a Design legend – Robert Tillberg” is a collection of stories and memories of our founder Robert Tillberg. With this book we want to celebrate and inspire for a bright future together.

Innovator, Explorer, Original, Leader, Mastermind, Entrepreneur. Robert Tillberg’s epithets are many, and they all describe parts of who he was. Together they also summarise the widely acknowledged fact that his gift to the development of the modern cruise industry cannot be over­estimated. His life long strive for improvement yielded him world-wide respect, and led him and his company to an unparalleled prosperity and position in the industry in which he worked.

Tillberg often made the remark: “Never give up until you get it right.” With these words he opposed several notions which were against his very nature, and which he considered as fatal for creativity – and eventually the development of marine architecture as we know it.

In 2020, Tillberg would have been 100 years old. His life’s work has been widely admired by millions of travellers, and his persona was highly –respected by everyone who worked with him. His passion for innovation and refinement continues to inspire his followers.

The book ”Celebrating a design legend” has been lovingly created by the people at Tillberg Design of Sweden, who walk in the footsteps of Robert Tillberg, and who daily keep up his passion for invention, reliability and a tireless -striving for improvement. It is a tribute to a true pioneer and an industrious createur, to whom we are greatly indepted.

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