3 June 2020 / Press release

Staying Sane in a Sanitized World

Staying Sane in a Sanitized World was the subject of the second TDoS Webinar. The invited panellists were:


  • Lars Bang Pedersen, Vice President for the Marine company ACT Global that help companies create a healthier and safer onboard environment.


  • Susan Sadolin from Shores Global, a supplier to more than 200 cruise ships with a great focus on sustainability and recycling.


  • Carl Lesvoix, our own Signage and Graphic Director and an expert on digital wayfinding. Carl has supervised more then 400 000 signs and graphics on several ships around the globe.


Together with the hosts from TDoS, Fredrik Johansson and Per Eriksson, important questions regarding how to reduce microbes in public areas in a sustainable way were raised. Can we obtain social distancing with digital techniques and at the same time enhance the guest experience?

The discussion around staying sane in a sanitized world went on even after the cameras went off, showing the need to bring this topic on open waters and to collect great ideas for the future.

The panel was dispersing ideas all the way from ACT’s solution Premium Purity to Shores presentation of soft goods sanitized solution such as Sleep Angel.Those ideas were followed by virtual directional possibilities that signage and graphic design efforts can bring described by Carl Lesvoix

This combination of proven visions is just the start of a multitude of ideas that will bring a healthier and more sanitized environment to all surfaces onboard a cruise ship, encapsulated in a sustainable and long-term budget-cutting format that is also creating a safer environment for guest and crew onboard and shoreside.

Some parts were not recorded properly due to a capacity problem from our webinar provider. Click here https://youtu.be/ORE8hCP32cQ to view it.

A third Webinar is planned Thursday 11 June. More info to come soon.