20 June 2018 / Press release

New partners boost Tillberg Design of Sweden’s world leading position

Top-ranking interior design company Tillberg Design of Sweden has grown dramatically over the last few years and is determined to advance its already leading position on the market. In a strategic move, the group has now included a number of its crew as Partners, and also brought on board a strategic business partner.

Tillberg Design of Sweden has prospered and grown dramatically over the last few years, its number of crew climbing from 10 to over 100, and with a turnover increase from a few million SEK to 130 million in 2018.

The award-winning company is determined to keep advancing its leading position on the market, which includes continuous empowerment of its staff.

Fredrik Johansson (Owner & Executive Project Director) says: “We are delighted to announce that we, as a first step, have included the following colleagues as Partners and shareholders in TDoS: Stefan Nilsson (CEO), Göran Ydstrand (Chairman), Anders Rasmussen (Project Director), Helena Sawelin (Project Director), Daniel Nerhagen (Project Director)and Carl Lesvoix (Graphics Director).”

With the outlook of continued growth, the group has also liaised with a strategic partner to make its business management competence and corporate finances even stronger. After an extensive search for a companion that shares the company’s long-term perspective, integrity and business ethics, TDoS has today formed a partnership with Swedish investment company AB Max Sievert (maxsievert.se). AB Max Sievert enters partnerships with very long-term time horizons, and only within a select number of the most innovative and wellmanaged companies in Scandinavia.

The current owners Karin Falk, Michal Jackiewicz and Fredrik Johansson will all remain in their current positions and as significant owners and will together with the new Partners own half of the Company and AB Max Sievert the other half.

Fredrik Johansson: ”We are extremely excited about all this, and about the future potential of our common business. We look forward to serving all our clients even better in the future!”