8 May 2020 / Press release

Launch of TDoS Webinar – Health and Safety at sea

Tillberg Design of Sweden’s first webinar was launched yesterday 7 May. The topic of the discussion was Health and Safety at Sea. Special guests with a wide variety of knowledge in the cruising business were invited to talk about the subject – In the Wake of Corona. Marizio Eliseo, owner of Thalia Marine Services, shared experiences from the quarantine of Princess Diamond. Have we learned to deal with contingency circumstances? Peter Hult, CEO for Vikand Medical Solutions, which provides medical service solutions to cruise ships contributed to raise the aspects from a medical point of view. Shannon Lee, founder of Storylines shared his view of safe cruising and Hampton Bridwell CEO and MP for Tenet Partners talked about fundamental change of brand positioning and messaging in this era.


The dynamic quartet of panelists together with the host Fredrik Johansson TDoS, and co-host Per Eriksson TDoS, raised relevant questions within the industry which inquire creative and smart solutions both on and off shore, questions which need to be solved very soon. But all involved agreed on the fact that the cruise industry already is very well prepared with how to deal with extreme situations and severe sicknesses onboard but it requires a reliable collaboration between authorities, shipping companies, ports and medical expertise, – a collaboration which can only be improved. The attendees at the webinar all showed a great optimism and willingness to face the challenges together and to ameliorate all possible aspect both for the cruise business itself, such as the passenger’s point of view onboard the ship. We can all speculate, but only the future will tell what the new normal will be in cruising, but the positive feeling from yesterday’s discussion brings us hope


TDoS Webinar was open for everyone with a limit of 200 attendees and more then 130 joined the event. The webinar was recorded and will be available later this week.


A second webinar is already being planned, so stay tuned!