22 June 2020 / Press release

Collaboration – not Competition

Collaboration – not Competition was the subject of the third TDoS Webinar. The invited panelists were:


  • Lionel Ohayon, Founder & CEO for the design firm iCrave, New York. Since the start in 2002 Ohayon has worked with Fortune 500 companies’ top developers and other retail innovators to create award-winning work spanning healthcare, airports, air travel and cruise, hospitality and entertainment, and mixed-use residential.


  • Greg Walton, Partner & CEO, Dado, Greg defines success as living with passion and purpose – and his passion and purpose happen to intersect at cruise ship interior design. A celebration of his professional and personal accomplishments, Greg established Studio DADO as a home base and gateway through which he could combine his love for travel, art, and creation.


  • Fredrik Johansson, Partner & Executive Director, TDoS Fredrik Johansson has been working at Tillberg Design of Sweden in 25 years is and co-owner since 2006.


All the three participants have an extensive knowledge of designing for the cruise industry with more than 500 projects in their combined portfolios. The main topic “Collaboration – not Competition” of TDoS’s third webinar was to discuss the role of an architect and designer today – in times of the turbulence from COVID-19. How can we all work together to improve traveling life today?

Lionel Ohayon raised the importance of being involved from the very beginning in a project to be able to get an overall view. By committing to this; viable concept solutions can be developed from a digital point of view to both interior and operations with enhanced guest experience as a result.

Greg Walton pointed out the strength of many design firms today of working very fast with refurbishment and rebranding and NCL Joy was mentioned as a great sample.

– Collaboration is the key to a great result, said Fredrik Johansson. It is needed in all leads. Especially when creating a new standard if we have no vaccine.

They all claimed that focus on guest experience is something that is mandated and the overall assumption is that there will be a higher demand in the future for requirements in terms of social distancing and health and safety onboard a cruise ship or anywhere in the hospitality industry.

The webinar was recorded and can be viewed here https://youtu.be/eZLME7TGpP8