Queen Elizabeth 2 & Queen Mary 2


Following the successful refurbishment of legendary Ocean Liner QUEEN ELIZABETH 2, founder of TDoS, Robert Tillberg was appointed to another highly prestigious project, the design a new ocean liner and flagship for Cunard Ltd.

In December 1998, Cunard released the details of Project Queen Mary. The ship was to be constructed for an even­tual replacement of the ageing QUEEN ELIZABETH 2, and the ship’s name derives from the first 1936 namesake ship; RMS QUEEN MARY. The ship hull was designed by a team of British naval architects led by Stephen Payne, and Robert Tillberg’s team of architects worked for two years on optimising the ship’s master planning and room layouts for a shipbuilding contract with the shipyard in November 2000.

All the onboard interiors, graphics and artwork were designed and crafted to resemble an experience of being a passenger on a historic ocean liner, but with contemporary detailing, and fulfilling all of today’s expectations on comfort, safety and service. At the time of her construction, QUEEN MARY 2 was the longest passenger ship ever built, and with her gross tonnage of 148,528 also the largest. The liner was comple­ted on schedule, and Cunard took delivery in Southampton, England, on 26 December 2003.

Marking the pinnacle of Tillberg’s career, the new liner was was officially named in January 2004 – again by Queen Elizabeth II.