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TDoS has over 50 years of experience bringing together interior architecture, signage, branding, and much more in creating luxury dreamscapes travelling the seas of the world. Thanks to a broad in-house design expertise, and an extensive global network of suppliers and consultants, TDoS do identify new trends years ahead, all in order to create unique brands and innovative solutions. ‘Quality tourism is one significant trend we work with,’ says Iina Forsblom, Cruise Newbuild Director, ’we have devised health spa for many years, now we are looking into health technology, different diets, while we at the same time see a trend toward smaller ships for smaller destinations.’ Tailored experiences aboard, with an abundance of choices, what Forsblom brand causal luxury, do focus on a multigenerational approach bringing kids, parents, and grandparents together. The new cruise concepts encompass new exciting culinary trends, while facilitating visits to adventurous places like the Artic, the Amazon, along with in-depth touring of historical cities and places. Sustainability is a driving force in choice of materials, energy-efficiency, and many other areas. ”We are designing brand new cruise ships, as well as bringing new interiors, signage, branding when refurbishing for both existent and new owners.’ adds Iina Forsblom, ‘Our extensive use of VR and 3D-design allows us the best communication with ship owners and potential investors in devising new experiences.’ Our expertise in refurbishment will blow new life in existing ships for current as well as new owners.

Cruise  – we know Cruise Ships

We will be your confident partner, assuring that your brand will reach its full potential

  • Block GA planning will be overseen by one of our naval architects.
  • We have the extensive experience required to do full brand development.
  • Our specialized studios for cabins & suites, FF&E, bars & restaurants, pool & entertainment ensure in-depth knowledge for each part of the cruise ship.
  • Our in-house graphic & signage studio, with our talented graphic designers, can help with both decorative and wayfinding signage.
  • Our huge material libraries and worldwide supplier contacts ensure the very latest materials and the confidence to develop various bespoke products.
  • Awareness of sustainability underlies everything we do.
  • Long dry dock experience.

Please contact Iina Forsblom, Cruise Design Director, for more information.

Creative Minds

Creativity is at the core of everything we do, from the sketch board to final delivery. We love good design and are deeply committed to it. Our teams work closely together regardless of job title, nurturing a philosophy without hierarchies, closed doors or glass ceilings. Today we are over a hundred creative minds in four countries, constantly looking for new talent.

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