We don’t design brands.

We design for people interacting with brands.


Branding is the key to visualize and communicate the very soul of a company: how customers discover and perceive it, and not the least how the company identify itself. ‘Branding is similar to going out for your first date, or meeting someone important for the very first time,’ says Isabelle Grönqvist, Graphic Senior Designer at TDoS, ‘you dress up, you prepare yourself to make a great impression.’ It might seem self-evident, but branding connects the potential customer with the passenger experience way ahead of actually embarking on a cruise. ‘You experience the brand while googling, browsing magazines and talking to friends looking for that special treat regardless if it’s luxury on the seas or a special adventure,’ continues Isabelle Grönqvist, ’if your values and appeal is not present in your brand, people won’t see it.’ TDoS has the advantage of offering in-house design know-how based on many years of experience with a wealth of diverse clients. And, according to Isabelle Grönqvist, trick is not designing brands but designing for people interacting with brands, all in a tight collaboration with companies all over the world. ‘Our pursuit is to find the soul, the emotions that epitomize a company. It’s all about finding the right colors, the logotypes, the fonts, everything that visualize the spirit of the brand.’ Good branding and good design open our eyes and makes our heart beat faster while strengthening business and pride of achievement.



We are convinced that a nice looking and profitable design starts with a good relationship. With us, heart and brain never leave each other’s sides. They walk together. Hand in hand, just as we do with our clients.

Aside from good design, we thoroughly know the hospitality industry, have many valuable contacts and a deep understanding of operational needs and requirements.

  • We create custom made logotypes.
  • We provide Visual Identity Guidelines with typography, colour palette, tone of voice and visual language.
  • We make templates for PowerPoint, InDesign, letterheads, monograms, typefaces, taglines, business cards, letterhead + envelopes, flyers, brochures, packaging design, website and illustrations.

Please contact Cecilia Lundgren, Graphic & Brand Designer for more information.

Creative Minds

Creativity is at the core of everything we do, from the sketch board to final delivery. We love good design and are deeply committed to it. Our teams work closely together regardless of job title, nurturing a philosophy without hierarchies, closed doors or glass ceilings. Today we are over a hundred creative minds in four countries, constantly looking for new talent.

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