14 January 2021 / Press release

A letter from TDoS

In 2020, the impossible happened to our industry, and we were both proud and privileged to be part of a close-knit community that tackled the many challenges by working together. Innovation blossomed like never before, and new partnerships were created. These are things that will no doubt bring benefits to the industry for a very long time ahead.

At Tillberg Design of Sweden, we are now experiencing a period of great entrepreneurship, creativity and new opportunities. To manage these, our current CEO of TDoS, Stefan Nilsson will, effective today, helm the role as group CEO, focusing on mergers & acquisitions, building partnerships and exploring new exciting business opportunities. “I am looking forward to strengthening and expanding our current offer. The Tillberg Design of Sweden group will soon be able to provide several additional advanced services, including highly qualified consulting and world leading tech solutions, all with our clients’ success and prosperity in mind”, says Stefan Nilsson. TDoS’ current deputy CEO, Madelene Hall, takes over as CEO for the group’s operating companies around the world, managing the daily operations. “We believe that what will define the top companies of 2021 and beyond, is the ability to cultivate resiliency, creativity, customer obsession and adaptability. By adding an experienced group CEO, the TDoS group now have an even better structure for managing new opportunities, and for serving our clients”, says Fredrik Johansson, TDoS Board spokesperson and partner.

Tillberg Design of Sweden

For further enquiries:

Stefan Nilsson: stefan.r.nilsson@ www.tillbergdesign.com | Mob: +46 76 722 30 90 | linkedin.com/in/stefan-nilsson-2574ba59

Madelene Hall: madelene.hall@www.tillbergdesign.com | Mob: +46 76 118 70 16 | linkedin.com/in/madelenehall